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How Long Should You Own the Same Car?

How long should you own the same car?
If you answered, "For as long as possible" give yourself an A+ on financial management.
So says investment guru Suze Orman. And she's right. Cars are a bad investment. They depreciate the moment you slide into the driver's seat and turn the key. With every mile driven, every year that passes, you lose more of the money you spent on your automobile.
That said, owning a car is a must for most people. We need cars to get to work, school, buy groceries and more. What should the average person do to get the most value from their investment in a vehicle?
Go for a safe, reliable vehicle. That's really what counts the most.Don't lease vehicles unless you absolutely have to.Don't buy a flashy car just to impress others. You're paying for brand and design, both of which cost a lot but provide you with little in return.Maintain your vehicle. Check the tire air pressure and tread to make sure the tires are safe and that you ar…

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